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We know very well how frustrating it is to encounter a failure with your vehicle and to find yourself in need of someone to help you out with the towing of your car.  But it’s even worse not having a reliable service in hand that could help you out quickly and, above all, with cordiality in those moments where you just want to get home, or you just need to be somewhere else urgently.

With this is mind, the members of our staff at Santa Rosa Towing are qualified to provide you with the best roadside assistance in those moments of need.  We provide our service at any time, no matter which hours of the day you see yourself facing these kinds of incidents, in that way you can be calmed and continue to do your daily activities without worrying about the destination of your crashed or malfunctioning vehicle.

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We consider a car to be any four-wheel motor vehicle that is not designed for overly heavy loads. Don’t worry about the well-being of your car, as we use the most modern towing trucks to provide an extremely fast, safe and damage-free service for your car. In that way you can forget about scratches or dents that may occur during the towing process and be relieved.

It doesn’t matter what type of inconvenience prevented your car from moving. Whether you forget your keys inside the vehicle, have one or several flat tires, ran out of gas, some unexpected mechanical failure occurred, or an unfortunate traffic accident happened. At Santa Rosa Towing we have a wide variety of wreckers to assist you in a timely manner before any of these incidents arise.


There is no need for paying a large amount of money just for a towing service. Many towing services that are less efficient charge astronomical amounts to assist you. We know that you may have other expenses to repair your vehicle and get it back on track, we seek to charge a price that is nice to your pocket and at the same time we provide a service of the best quality with solutions for your predicament.

Trust us! We do not conspire to leave you penniless, we are in the business to offer the best assistance with the most affordable prices. An ideal combination for any problem that can be solved with our towing services for cars.

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When you call us, not only you’ll receive the best towing service, but also, we’ll arrive immediately wherever you are no matter what time of the day it is. You won’t experience any kind preoccupation or uncertainty regarding in how much time you’ll be assisted, because our drivers are always ready to hit the road in order to help you out right away with your incident.

At the time of your call, we calculate the time of arrival and we assign the towing truck driver that is available near you. We always have operators available to assist you with utmost efficiency and speed as soon as possible. There is no reason why you must wait for endless hours and make several calls, we will keep in touch with you before, during and after the towing process.


Don’t compromise the integrity of your vehicle just to save a couple of cents. You don’t need to bother with third party services or look for improvised methods to move your car, all of which can put you and other people at risk. Leave everything in the hands of our experts to help you.

In our company we have served the people of Santa Rosa, CA for some time now. In all these years, Santa Rosa Towing has provided all our users with the best car and RV towing services. Offering only cutting-edge technology, the extensive experience of our staff and the best equipment, thinking only of providing you, our client, with the greatest possible benefits to any emergency you can experience.


It is quite annoying that your vehicle fails and is left lying on the freeway or even worse, to be so unfortunate as to suffer an accident. The first thing to do is to remain calm, if you did not have a chance to get the vehicle off the road, you must turn on the emergency lights and place a safety cone that is visible to the drivers who approach you.

If it is an accident, you must have all the documentation of your vehicle on hand, make sure that there are no injuries. Then you can calmly pick up the phone and call our experts, who will offer you the safest and fastest Towing Service in the area of Santa Rosa, CA.