Relying on a great towing company when you get stuck in a roadside emergency is as important as driving properly and being careful while hitting the road, not just for your protection but also for the safety of the people that ride with you.

That feeling of uneasiness that arises when you get trapped in a road mishap is very unpleasant. On top of that, imagine adding the anxiety generated from not having a reliable towing company that acts instantly, it is the perfect recipe for a highly stressful situation. That is why it is critical to take preventive actions before something like this happens.

Sadly, we cannot predict unfortunate events. What we can do when this kind of things happen is to try to handle it as well as we can by preventing the situation from escalating to mayor consequences.

SR Emergency Towing is the perfect ally for ensuring your safety when roadside assistance is needed. Every towing service we provide its a reflection of our standards of quality and efficiency.

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When stressful moments disrupt our lives, it is very reassuring to have a service that is affordable and that fits our monthly family budget. It is great to have towing services with affordable prices when our vehicles present problems on the road, especially when our well-being and the safety of our love ones is at stake.

SR Emergency Towing is aware of the economical struggles that these awful situations could generate, that is why we offer our clients reasonable prices that fit every budget, without compromising the quality of the service.

SR Emergency Towing offers a variety of roadside assistance services, including towing for motorcycles, cars, vans, trucks, RVs, 5th wheelers, semi-trucks, to name a few.

We also offer services for commercial projects where heavy duty vehicle towing is essential for optimal structure assembly.


Unfortunate events do not have a schedule, that is why we are available to provide emergency roadside assistance on all 365 days of the year. Our call center will always have support upon any given situation, from an accident on the road to the transportation of a vehicle.

Safety and tranquility are aspects of great importance for SR Emergency Towing. That is why our customer care team was built with personnel tuned in with every eventuality, providing great telephone assistance, along with quality towing for car accidents, defective vehicles, or simple car transportation.

Being able to act quick when an unsecure situation strikes is especially critical for RV towing. By performing the right actions at the right time, potential risks can be avoided, and transit fluidity can be ensured. We believe this makes us a reliable and essential company.


What is the first thing that comes to our minds when we get unwanted surprises on the road, such as mechanical failures from our vehicle, a flat tire, or a road accident, and see ourselves in need of a towing service? We are pretty sure the answer is: How quick can they get here?

The truth is we all wished our service provider was located right around the corner. That is why SR Emergency Towing focuses all its efforts in that idea. We try to have as many tow trucks and towing personnel available to provide immediate service for all our clients.

In addition to the speed, the variety of the service is one of the things that makes a tow truck service reliable. In that sense, we are trained to offer a variety of emergency roadside assistance services.


It is quite annoying when your vehicle fails and is left lying on the freeway or, even worse, be unfortunate enough to suffer an accident. The first thing to do in case of an emergency is to remain calm.

If you did not have a chance to get the vehicle off the road, you must turn on the emergency lights and place a safety cone that is visible to the other drivers who approach you. You also must have all the documentation of your vehicle on hand.

If it is an accident, make sure that there are no injuries. Then, calmly pick up the phone and call our experts, who will offer you the safest and fastest towing service in the area of Santa Rosa, CA.